Training  the  teacher

1975 – 1981 Ian first started to study vocal technique and interpretation with Jane Kee (Ellison). Her approach can be best described as “the voice as the window to the soul”. He learnt much about how who you are shapes how you naturally use your voice.

In ’81 he started giving private singing lessons as well as assisting at several of Jane Kee’s singing intensives given at Concordia’s Loyola Campus.

In 1988 he attended a workshop at the McGill music faculty given by Jo Estill. Her physiological approach backed up by years of peer reviewed scientific research really changed his idea of how to train voices. After many years of work and experimentation with the Estill system he attained Licensure as a Certified Master Teacher of the Estill Voice Training System in 2002.

For several years Ian designed and taught the music program for K –  Grade 6 at Hampstead Elementary School in Montreal.

Ian presently teaches singing using the Estill Voice System privately and to small groups at his own voice studio in Montreal and in the Hudson, St Lazar, Vaudreuil and Rigaud areas as well as directing 3 choirs.

Ian as a Vocalist

Ian has had a varied career which has required him to be able to sing many styles and vocal qualities.

He started out as a singer/keyboardist with various rock, lounge and bar bands in Quebec, Ontario and the southeastern US. Later Ian toured with Ginette Reno as a back up vocalist including performances at Montreal’s Place des Arts, Ottawa’s National Art Center and a Quebec Provincial tour.

He sang and acted in 2 professional musical theater productions. The rock musical ‘Angel’ at the Centaur Theater and the musical comedy “The Drunkard” at the Phoenix theater.

For the better part of the  80’s Ian sang solo and baritone with the 4 part Jazz/pop accapella group General Jive. Some of their appearances included:
Stepping Out – CBC Television
The Hotel Pierre, New York,  NY
The Festival de Jazz Montreal
CTV Ralph Lockwood show
CBC radio Jazz Beat concert recorded live at Concordia U
Georges Spaghetti House the well known Toronto Jazz club
The Salon de musique video, Velodrome, Montreal

Ian also performed at many conventions and industrial shows:
Steel Workers Union
Queen Elizabeth Hotel
Canadian Home builders Ass.
Queen Elizabeth Hotel
Queen Elizabeth Hotel
Associiation for cancer research
Nathan Philips Square Toronto
Association of independent Grocers Toronto Convention Center
Alpine Stereo convention
Skyline Hotel Toronto

During the 80’s and 90’s Ian  worked as a studio ‘Jingle’ vocalist, singing on such television and radio commercials  as:
Labatt 50
Dunkin Donuts
Burger King
Via Rail
Air Canada
Sports Experts
to name a few.