How Much?
Each lesson is 1 hour long.
A block of 4 lessons is $165 (works out to $41.25 / lesson)
Single lessons are $55. each

If you are in or close to Montreal the lessons are at my studio .
3505 Durocher corner Milton. ( 7 minute walk from metro Place des Arts)

In the Vaudreuil/St. Lazare/Hudson/Rigaud area I will come to you.

Small Group or semiprivate lessons
The Estill system lends itself well to learning in groups.
Contact me and ask about special group times and rates.

What you need to bring
-It is a good idea to record the lesson. If you have:
an ipod/ipad,
any smartphone with a recording app.,
an mp3 recorder, or
a laptop, you can record the lesson yourself. If not, I will record the lesson for you and transfer it on to your usb memory stick/key.

-Bring sheet music for a song or songs you want to work on. The sheet should contain the lyrics, melody, piano part and the guitar chords.
Two places you can find these online are:

Note: Order the downloadable versions. They will print directly on your printer. They cost about $5 per song. These are accurate and good quality.
The free chords and lyric sheets that you find on the internet usually are unclear and contain errors.
If you like you can bring karaoke tracks if they are in the right key for you.

If you prefer you can buy hard copy sheet music at:

Steve’s Music Store (book dept.)
51 St-Antoine St. W
H2Z 1G9

Tel: 514-878-2216


Archambault Music
for the nearest store go to:


I will give you printed notes on what we cover at each lesson though you can take your own notes if you like.