Some singers and voice teachers would have you believe that Classical (unfortunately sometimes referred to as legit) is the only correct way to sing. Some even say that such popular styles of singing as Pop/Rock, R & B, Jazz, Musical Theatre and of course belt quality, will ruin your voice. Evidence proves differently. “No one uses the voice over a lifetime – let alone uses it athletically – without signs of that use.” says. Mary McDonald Klimek, MM, MS-CCC/SLP, former Speech Pathologist at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary in Boston for 13 years, presently a Professional Voice Therapist in Private Practice “In my office I have seen as many classical singers with vocal injuries as pop/rock singers. Singers sustain injuries singing in ANY style when they are not using their voices wisely and well.”

Don’t let anyone tell you there is only one correct sound you can make.
“Legit” quality is not the only legitimate way to sing.
The voice quality needs to match the style of music. To the classical ear Robert Plant might sound just as ridiculous singing Nesun Dorma as to the rock ear Pavarotti might have sounded singing Whole lot of Love or Kathleen Battle singing Aretha’s “Respect”.

Learn how to use your voice “wisely and well”.